Henselstone Verlag

Henselstone Verlag - An Author Owned Publishing Company

Henselstone Verlag publishes books with historical content by scholarly and non-fiction authors. The purpose of Henselstone Verlag is to add to existing scholarship, support authors with fair royalties, explore innovative avenues of bringing books to market, and make publishing decisions not primarily based on profit considerations.

Publishing of non-fiction and scholarly work should be a process driven by two guiding questions: Does the work add to the state of current knowledge in a meaningful way, and is the work based on original sources and interpretations that are truly new? If both of these questions can be answered affirmatively, the business case solves itself: Scholars and libraries, as well as an interested public will buy the work. These are the principles, on which we have founded this publishing house. Too many works never make it to print because profit has overridden literary and scholarly considerations. We are proud to bring important intellectual work to the public based only on its intrinsic merits.

Our Story

The publishing industry as we know it is disappearing. Ever shrinking outlets, huge print and distribution costs with return rates that cut the book sale profits in half are the hallmarks of an unsustainable business model. The result has been disastrous: None of the large publishers want to take the risk of publishing a first-time author. Editing, proofing, and design services have been cut. Author royalties are at an all time low. Ernest Hemingway could not be published today, even J. K. Rowling under a different pen name was rejected. Henselstone Verlag is dedicated to changing the business model. We want first time authors, we will provide important editing, translation, and design services. We will engage an interested public, because we know that readership is up, not declining. As a result Henselstone has partnered with investors to create a new author-owned platform that will convert exceptionally well researched and written scholarly, non-fiction, and fiction books into palpable, engaging, educational, and stimulating experiences.